Latest Nuzena Updates And How It All Works

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Latest Nuzena Updates And How It All Works

For all of our loyal Nuzena customers, you may have noticed a few changes to Nuzena’s website! We have added 10 new products over the last few months and you are now able to subscribe and save. Not to mention, we now have an awesome way to bundle up multiple products and save up to 30% when you buy 5 products or more! In this article, I will go over all of the new features that Nuzena has to offer to our customers and explain how it all works so when it comes time to place an order, you know exactly what to do!

How To Subscribe And Save With Nuzena?

After overwhelming demand, Nuzena finally added the opportunity to subscribe and auto-fulfill orders on a monthly basis. Not only are you able to guarantee having all of your supplements delivered to your doorstep before you run out, you save money by subscribing! 

Just so it is clear, you are not obligated to subscribe to order products through Nuzena. It is simply a new feature that offers our community a chance to save money, have an auto-fulfillment option, and get the latest news and deals with our weekly newsletter. 

Here are the key features to remember when you subscribe to Nuzena.

1 – Auto-fulfillment

Never run out of stock of your favorite supplements. Never have to think about reordering. 

2 – Edit Your Subscription At Anytime

Once you have subscribed and placed an order for auto-fulfillment, you will always have the option to edit your subscription. This means, you can add or remove products, change delivery times or cancel the auto-refill at any time!

3 – Refer Family And Friends And Save!

Share the “Invite Link” with your friends and family and have them subscribe to Nuzena! Check out the image below, follow the steps and save up to 30%!!

4 – Cancel Your Subscription At Anytime

Before cancelling your subscription, reach out to the Nuzena team and let us know why you are no longer interested in subscribing. If we are able to help explain the features more clearly or help you in any way, we will!

Latest Nuzena updates

How To Build A Bundle?

Create Your Personalized Bundle And Save Up To 30%

Nuzena now offers our customers the opportunity to create their very own personalized bundle package. This incredible new feature can be found at the top of the Nuzena homepage and at the top of every product page. Simply click on the “Bundle & Save” button and start shopping. Remember, in order to receive the Bundle & Save Discounts, you must click on the Bundle & Save button!

Check out the breakdown of percentages saved when using the bundle & save option!

  • Buy any 2 products and save 15%
  • Buy any 3 products and save 20%
  • Buy any 4 products and save 25%
  • Buy any 5 products or more and save 30% off the final price!

Here is a quick step-by-step video to guide you through purchasing using the bundle and save option! Check out this awesome video tutorial!

If you have any questions at all about how to build your own bundle, you can always chat with us, we are online and waiting to help!

Real Time Testing Is Available For Every Nuzena Product!

In the quality certification section of Nuzena, you will see a “View Real Time Report” button. When you click on the view real time report button, you will be able to see specific information concerning the supplement that you are researching. 

The Quality Testing Results include:

  • Master Id
  • Manufacture Date
  • Best By Date
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Microbiology Testing
  • Formula Batch
  • Ingredients

By taking advantage of the real time reports, you will have all of the information you need before making a final decision to purchase the product or not. Rest assured that Nuzena has your best interest at heart and are very transparent about what ingredients we use and focus on the health and wellness of all of our clients!

Stay Informed With Nuzena’s Weekly Newsletter

Every week, Nuzena sends out a newsletter featuring one or more of our top supplements and early access to new products or promotions coming up. You can subscribe to Nuzena blogs and newsletters here!

Our blogs and newsletters will keep you up to date with our latest products and their benefits. You will find incredible information on certain foods that contain vitamins and minerals which are  essential for a healthy diet. You may also discover new health trends and find a supplement that might suit your needs. Click on the link above and see what you might be missing in your routine!

Latest Nuzena updates